At the present time, watching the news from around the world can be extremely challenging: the issues are so many and the needs are so great that we can feel powerless to respond.


What is clear from the Bible however, is that God does indeed ask us to respond, even in our apparent powerlessness, and that He puts generosity at the heart of His calling on our lives. At St Mary’s we believe that generosity has the capacity not only to transform the lives of those to whom we give, but equally importantly, that it is one of the ways in which we ourselves can also be transformed. Our giving to charities and organisations beyond St Mary’s is therefore not just a personal act of gratitude for all that God has done for us as individuals, but also a corporate act of worship for us as a church, and a way to signify our unity and common purpose.


As a result, we have taken the decision to give away a percentage of everything we receive as a church, as a collective response to what we believe to be God’s calling.


We have therefore adopted four amazing organisations that are already engaged in vital and life-giving work, working closely with one in particular.



Our main charity partner


Justice and Care

J&C is a relatively small Christian charity, with a huge mission - to end modern day slavery, and in particular, to rescue young women and children from the horrors of being trafficked into the sex trade. You can find out more information about the work of J&C and hear some of the incredibly moving stories of those who have been rescued on the Justice & Care website There is also more information in church, and their monthly news and prayer letter is sent out to all who receive the monthly email church bulletin. From time to time, we will welcome some of the J&C team to our services so that we can meet them and hear first-hand about the often dangerous work they undertake.

Our other adopted charities


In addition to Justice and Care, we will also be supporting three other charities throughout the year:

·   Medair, providing international relief and development skills to communities affected by disaster (

·   HopeHIV, supporting children in Africa affected by HIV and AIDS (

·   The Children’s Society, working with disadvantaged children throughout the UK (


If you would like to find out more about any of the organisations we have chosen or why we chose them, or indeed have any thoughts or questions about our mission giving, please do contact us.


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