‘To Know Christ’

This is our new church mission statement, agreed in January 2015, as part of a year-long process of review and planning by the Parochial Church Council (PCC).


Central to this purpose is the teaching of the Christian faith, which each generation has to learn afresh. Christianity is learnt together as we worship, discuss and as we try to live it out in practice.


If you are interested in understanding more about Christian faith, there are several ways we can offer:



The Alpha Course is a well-known and highly regarded ten-week course in the basics of Christian faith. Meetings consist of a shared meal, a talk and discussion in small groups. We hold the Alpha Course twice a year and it is often used as a way of preparing for adult baptism or confirmation. Please contact the Rector or parish office for details.


Home Groups

At St Mary’s we have several home groups that meet regularly in homes around the parish. These are usually held on weekday evenings and are a great way of growing in faith and relationship with others at church.


Apart from providing an important social support, each group has time for studying the Bible and learning more about Christian faith through discussion and prayer.


If you would like to know more, or would like to join a home group near you, please contact the Parish Office.



At the present time, watching the news from around the world can be extremely challenging: the issues are so many and the needs are so great that we can feel powerless to respond.


At St Mary’s we believe that one of the ways in which we can become involved in global issues is to work in partnership with agencies that are already engaged in vital and life-giving work.


An increasing amount of our annual budget is dedicated to charitable giving and, in 2015, we reviewed the missions and charities that we support as a church, with a view to developing new and close relationships with a limited number of organisations.


We hope to bring news of these new partnerships soon: please contact the Rector to find out how you can become involved.


Counselling, advice and prayer

The Rector and clergy team are here to provide one-to-one advice and counsel for all in the parish who might require it. If you would like to meet and speak with a member of the clergy, please use our contact page.


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